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Bikram Yoga / Gentle Stretch

Yoga history:  17 years

Favorite pose: Standing  bow  pose

Favorite words: “Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment” - Oprah Winfrey -

Favorite sushi: Porch, ankimo, ark shell, abalone, toro

What I'm addicted to: Making whipped cream

Lives in: San Francisco

Message: I hope it will be a good opportunity to face yourself, get to know yourself, and meet a new self. We will provide individualized instruction from those who have no experience in yoga to those who have experience in yoga, so please feel free to come and take it.



Bikram Yoga / Gentle Stretch

Yoga history: 18 years

Favorite pose: Triangle pose

Favorite words: Live "likely"

Favorite sushi: Conger eel

What I'm addicted to: Monaka and conflakes

Lives in: Los Angeles


Message: Yoga is a lot of fun. You can meet yourself that you haven't noticed before. And it gives you the courage and wisdom to live your own way. Don't be too serious, relax your shoulders and have fun together!



Bikram Yoga / Hatha Yoga

Yoga history: 16 years

Favorite pose: Camel pose

Favorite words: Fortune comes to the laughing gate

Favorite sushi: Roasted samadhi

What I'm addicted to: Playing in the park, gardening

Lives in: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


Message: We are entering a new era where the future is uncertain, but I think that the new lifestyle will change the lifestyle, the values of the invisible, and the standards of affluence. The people around me change rapidly, but I pray that I will have as much time as possible to turn my consciousness toward myself and that you can live your own way.



Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: 12 years

Favorite pose: It depends on the physical condition of the day.

Favorite word: Peace

Favorite sushi: Tsubu shellfish, ark shell, live turban shell, abalone, porch, sea urchin, eel, conger eel, fatty tuna, milt

What I'm addicted to: Watching a documentary.

Lives in: London

Message: Physical worries and upsets will always be improved little by little by continuing efforts. I would like to learn together so that both beginners and experienced yoga can practice safely and effectively.



Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: 12 years

Favorite pose: Rabbit pose

Favorite words: Do good and good come to you.  

Favorite sushi: Engawa, toro

What I'm addicted to: Yoga

Resident: Wandering


We will teach the class that can get the "safe" and "maximum" effect in the limited 90 minutes. Yoga is for everyone, young and old, to be physically and mentally healthy.

As you practice, you will find yourself changing from the inside as well as the outside!

Please feel free to come and pick it up.



Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: Since 2005

Favorite pose: Pranayama breathing  

Favorite words: Self care

Favorite sushi: Salmon

What I'm addicted to: Traveling

Lives in: Los Angeles

Message: Take a class and find yourself.



​Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: 8 years

Favorite pose: Full standing bow pose

Favorite words: You can do whatever you want!

Favorite sushi: Natto

What I'm addicted to: Jewerly, traveling abroad, going for a drive with Ann-chan, beach chill

Lives in:Japan

Message: ずっと憧れていたティーチャーになり、やっと"Yoga Journey" のスタートラインに立つことが出来ました!大学生の時に京都で見つけてから8年、コロナ禍もこのオンラインヨガのおかげで辞めることなく継続しています。諦めなければ夢が叶うと実感しています。



​Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: 12 years

Favorite pose: Half moon pose

Favorite words: Thanks

Favorite sushi: Salmon

What I'm addicted to now: Houseplants

Lives in: Australia

Message: I myself have a stiff body, and I still can't pose as flexibly as various teachers. But I was able to get what I needed much more than flexibility through yoga. I hope everyone will find the effect of yoga that is unique to them.



Bikram Yoga

Yoga history: 12 years

Favorite pose: Standing head to knee  

Favorite words: Know enough / You  only live  once

Favorite sushi: Inari sushi

What I'm addicted to: Meditation / Bush walking

Lives in: Australia

Message: I've only been teaching in Japan for a few years, but I'm excited about the students I'm still connected to, the students I'm going to be connected to, and the classes I'm making with you. Yoga time is deep and deep in my life and it is a very important time. Let's face ourselves through yoga together and enrich our mind and body.



​Bikram Yoga / Workshop

Yoga history: 18 years

Favorite pose: Breathing, Half moon pose

Favorite word: To live is to act.

Favorite sushi: Roasted porch, salmon roe

What I'm addicted to: Photography, muscle training, running

Lives in: New York


Message: I'm sure there are many people who are forced to refrain from living in Corona, but I'm happy to be able to connect online with everyone from New York to Japan and around the world.

Yoga has become a part of my life and I am very grateful to be able to share it with you. See you on the mat!

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