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~ Profle ~

Born in Osaka. When I was a member of society, I participated in the experience of Bikram Yoga, which opened for the first time in Osaka at the recommendation of a friend, and felt that it was the first time for me to concentrate on myself, so I became a member. From there, he will be frequented except during hospitalization due to gynecological surgery.

After that, he decided to become a teacher of Bikram Yoga and received teacher training in 2014. I teach Bikram Yoga for a year in Melbourne, Australia, with the introduction of a studio owner I met during training and a friend during training. After that, he went to India and obtained qualifications for Ashtanga Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, and then taught Bikram Yoga in Tokyo, Japan. At that time, he was invited by the Australian owner to return to Melbourne. He was trained in Inferno Hot Pilates, which was not as famous as it is now, and became the first Japanese instructor of Inferno Hot Pilates. While teaching Bikram Yoga and Inferno Hot Pilates, he also qualified as a personal trainer.

Now, online from Melbourne, Australia, we offer a wide range of unique yoga, personal training, and core-focused training, from complete beginners to full-fledged triathlon (swimming marathon cycling) training. teach.

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