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​~ Profile ~

It's been 27 years since I came to the United States. I started doing gymnastics and dancing from an early age.

Obtained Dance Education MA from New York University. He has appeared in King and I, Peter Pan, Walt Disney's Aladdin and more. When I was in California, there was a Bikram Yoga studio nearby and I started going there for physical maintenance. Immediately after that, I fell in love with it, and in 2005, I participated in Bikram Yoga Teacher's training and obtained a teacher's license. In 2007, he also obtained the Dharma Yoga Advanced Teacher's training program. In 2010, he was also involved in the studio management of Bikram Yoga in NY. He won the NY Rigonal in the 2010 Bikram Yoga Asana Championship and finished 7th in the International Championship in the same year, and has used his achievements to provide many coaching, workshops and coaching at major studios in New York.

In 2017, I performed left hip replacement surgery (hip replacement surgery), which had been hurt for many years due to overuse in harsh gymnastics since childhood. Although there are various obstacles such as reduction of range of motion for artificial hip joints and muscle weakness due to surgery, I am working hard on yoga / stretching every day. We also offer cross-training that incorporates yoga for those who are doing muscle training or running.

I have been away from teaching yoga for a while, but I am very much looking forward to connecting with many people through yoga because of this wonderful relationship.

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