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~ Profile ~

After graduating from a beauty vocational school in 2005, I worked at a certain beauty salon, and while being assigned a managerial position, I felt that it was worthwhile to be involved in "cosmetology". Since my place of work was in the former Bikram Yoga Ogikubo store, when I took a yoga class for the first time, yoga became a part of my life, and I noticed changes in my body and mind through yoga. I realized that it can only be made with a heart.
After receiving 9 weeks of Teacher Training in LA in 2013, I was inspired by the charm of Bikram Yoga, which teaches in the Kanto area until 2016 and can practice and teach all over the world, and decided to "do what I want to do in one life". In 2016, moved to Canada alone to work as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, then after having the opportunity to teach in Australia, Jakarta, Bali and Phuket, studied Business management in Australia for a year and is now a yoga instructor and massage in an Australian studio. I work as a therapist.
Currently, I am studying various yoga such as Bikram Yoga and Bhakti Yoga, and I am also engaged in environmental activities.

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