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~ Profile ~

Due to my father's work, I spent almost half of my life in London. I've been swimming since I was a child, but after I entered the University of the Arts in London, I lived a life that had little to do with exercise.

At the age of 27, I was interested in Bikram Yoga, which was done by my friend Mila from high school, when I met Bikram Yoga. I visited Melbourne from Japan and took lessons for the first time as a member of Mr. Mila's class. After practicing in various teachers' classes for five months at the studio, I also participated in training in Las Vegas with the advice of the studio owner in Melbourne who was attending at that time.

During the training, I realized that by doing yoga twice a day, the autonomic nerves are adjusted day by day and the body changes so much that it is interesting. My interest in yoga grew even higher, and I stayed in Las Vegas to attend advanced seminars. It was the most physical time of my life. I was confident that I could do a pose that I couldn't do at all with motivation and a little advice. The phrase "sustainability is power" echoed.

By continuing yoga, allergies such as hay fever and atopic dermatitis, which have been plagued for many years, have disappeared, and my thinking has become more positive.

I would like to continue to face changes in my body and mind through practice with you.

After working as an instructor in Japan, Canada, USA and Belgium, I will now teach from London through Zoom.

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