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​Special class parent-child yoga held!

[Date and time]

9/13 (Sun)  10: 30 ~ 11: 30 


1 lesson 1000 yen

[Participation procedure]

Please register as a member, purchase the plan, and make a reservation .

The target plan is "parent-child yoga".

Reservations can be made up to 2 weeks before class.

It was parent-child yoga that was done last time in the summer vacation event planning, but this time it will be done on Sunday! 😊

Newspapers also cover children's lack of exercise and injuries due to self-restraint.

I hope this project will lead to the first step in "a habit of moving your body at home while having fun."


The lesson content begins with loosening and progresses by combining poses for parent-child communication with hatha yoga poses and breathing techniques 😊

Children's concentration is different every day, so I will go while watching the atmosphere this time as well 🌈


I hope you have a good time 🌱 I look forward to seeing you! 😊

Instructor in charge  YOU

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