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​Summer vacation special class parent and child yoga held!

[Date and time]

8/11 (Tue)  10: 00 ~ 10: 50 (Orientation from 9:45)

8/20 (Thursday)  14: 00 ~ 14: 50  (Orientation from 13:45)


1 lesson 1000 yen

[Participation procedure]

Please register as a member, purchase the plan, and make a reservation .

The target plan is "parent-child yoga".

You can make a reservation from one week before the class.


This year is a little different from the usual summer vacation.

Can i go out? Can I make an appointment with a friend?

What are you going to do at home with your kids?



Would you like to connect online with your child and do yoga? 😊⭐️⭐️


A 50-minute class will be held by adjusting the content and poses that are easier to convey than in a normal class while observing the child's concentration. I would like to make the class 50 minutes so that the children can feel the sense of accomplishment.

Parents should work side by side and support their children 😊


Yoga doesn't compare with other people, and it's perfect for improving concentration and controlling yourself ♪ Also, I think that this year's self-restraint life will continue and children will be stressed not a little. I wish I could do stress care ⭐️                       

First of all, please participate as a fun and summer experience as a memory of mom and child 😌 (Of course, even dad!)

I'm looking forward to having a good time together ♬

Instructor in charge  YOU

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