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Please be sure to read the "Agreement on Disclaimer" at the end of this page.
(It is assumed that you have agreed when the membership registration is completed.)


How to register

You can easily register as a member simply by setting your name, email address and password.

(You can also register from your Facebook or Google+ account.)

◆ What can I do if I register as a member?

You will be able to purchase plans and book lessons.

When you purchase a plan, you will receive a confirmation email at the registered email address.

◆ Easy management with my booking!

You can easily confirm or change your lesson reservation from My Booking.

Please be sure to check before registering

Consent Form for Disclaimer (It is assumed that you have agreed to the following when membership registration is completed.)

1. I understand that yoga includes physical movements. As in the case of any physical activities, the risk of injuries, even serious or disabling, is always present and cannot be entirely eliminated. If I experience any pain or discomfort, I will listen to my body, discontinue the activity, and ask for support from the teacher. I assume full responsibility for any and all damages, which may incur through participation.


2. I am fully aware that an online yoga class is distinctly different from participating in a class under a teacher’s guidance. I hold myself fully responsible for my online participation and make sure that my place of practice is as safe as possible.


3. I understand that yoga is not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. Yoga is not recommended and is not safe under certain medical conditions. 


4. By reading this document, I affirm that a licensed physician has verified my good health and physical condition to participate in such a fitness program.


5. If I am pregnant, become pregnant or I am post-natal or post-surgical, I verify that I have my physician's approval to participate.


6. I also affirm that I alone am responsible to decide whether to practice yoga and participation is at my own risk. I hereby agree to irrevocably release and waive any claims that I have now or may have hereafter against 26 and 2 online Japan. 


7. I have read and fully understand and agree to the above terms of this Liability Waiver Agreement.

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