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Consent form

Before the lesson​ Please be sure to check

Disclaimer Agreement​

The user consents to the following contents in the online lessons operated by this site.

1. We will practice under the guidance of the instructor, and at our own risk, we will pay attention to safety and consent to participate. 

2. In the unlikely event that an injury or illness occurs during the lesson, and if you get sick or have sequelae, you agree to take responsibility for yourself, and regardless of the cause, this site and its owner, instructor, relationship I agree that I will not take any responsibility for the person. 

3. I admit that I am in good health and free of any serious illnesses or cardiovascular disorders that interfere with class participation. If you already have a part of your physical function such as injury, illness, cardiovascular disorder, allergy, etc. for congenital or acquired reasons, we will notify the instructor with the consent of your doctor. .. 

4. If you are currently pregnant or will become pregnant in the future, I agree to inform your instructor. Regarding participation in the class during pregnancy, we will consult with your doctor in advance, practice safety first under the guidance of the instructor, and consent to participate in the lesson at your own risk. 

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