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What is 26 & 2 YOGA?

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This site has been opened as a yoga class specializing in online lessons so that you can easily practice yoga at home.
We offer online Bikram Yoga (90 minutes) and Stretching (60 minutes) classes that incorporate Hatha Yoga.
Why don't you start a life with yoga at your own pace?

In 2020, the infection of the new coronavirus spread all over the world, and people's lives changed.

Lockdowns and self-restraint demands have forced the closure of yoga studios, which has had a major impact on us as a yoga practitioner.

The closure of the studio has increased the chances of taking yoga lessons online.

As a result, in addition to those who practiced yoga on a regular basis, those who were away from the studio resumed yoga, and those who started yoga to solve the lack of exercise due to self-restraint life, etc. ..

Now that the self-restraint has been lifted, we have decided to launch this site in order to provide stable and high quality yoga classes for those who are uneasy about going to the studio and who want to continue yoga online.

We are looking forward to your participation, whether you are new to yoga, have a blank, or have yoga as a part of your life.

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